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ToughTrucksForKids.com operates in the e-commerce industry, specializing in durable and engaging toy trucks designed specifically for children. As a bootstrapped brand experiencing rapid growth, the company stands out due to its commitment to delivering high-quality, imaginative play solutions that cater to the developmental needs of young children — with the mission to inspire the next generation of builders who grow up knowing the joy of getting their hands dirty by playing outside and spending less time glued to their iPads.

What makes ToughTrucksForKids.com unique is its focus on robust, kid-friendly products that endure the rigors of active play, combined with a customer-centric approach that leverages advanced technology to enhance the shopping and support experience. This commitment to quality and innovative customer interaction sets them apart in the bustling market of children’s toys. Before implementing Storista, ToughTrucksForKids faced several challenges with their existing shoppable video apps, which hindered their sales and customer engagement.


Tough Trucks For Kids initially used other shoppable video plugins like Tolstoy, Novel, and considered Videowise. However, they encountered significant issues:

  • Illogical / Non-Customer Friendly Pricing Models: These apps are charged based on the number of visitors rather than video views, leading to exorbitant overage fees.
  • High Overage Fees: After a viral Instagram post, ToughTrucksForKids received a $957 overage bill from Tolstoy due to their pricing model.
  • Poor Customer Support: Customer support for these apps needs improvement. It should have addressed the client's concerns more effectively.

These issues strained their budget and hampered their ability to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers.


Storista emerged as the perfect solution for ToughTrucksForKids. The transition to Storista was smooth and efficient, addressing all the issues they faced with previous plugins:

  • Easy Installation: The Storista app was installed and fully operational within 30 minutes, replacing the Tolstoy widget effortlessly.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Storista's support team, particularly Irek, provided exceptional service, responding to queries within 10 minutes and assisting with CSS customization.
  • Fair Pricing Model: Storista's transparent and fair pricing model eliminated the risk of unexpected overage fees.


The implementation of Storista led to remarkable improvements for ToughTrucksForKids:

  • 128X Increase in Revenue: Within the first week of using Storista, the revenue generated from video views increased by 128X.
  • $950+ Savings on Traffic Fees: Storista's fair pricing model saved the client over $950 in excess traffic fees.
  • High ROI: The return on investment from using Storista was substantial, with significant cost savings and increased sales.
"Storista and Irek is like God-mode for shoppable video Shopify plugins. BAM! I installed the plugin. Replaced my Tolstoy widget with Storista in 30 min. Emailed Irek for some CSS help and he responded in 10 min. Outcome: 1-week since installing Storista: 128X ROI on revenue generated from widget Plays and $950+ cost savings on pesky usage fee. Go Storista!"
Ankur Shrestha - Co-Founder, Tough Trucks For Kids

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