Adding Instagram to your Replo landing pages is a great way to showcase your products and boost sales. With Storista you can add Instagram Reels and connect products from Shopify inside Reel videos.

Here is step by step guide how you can add Reels and products to your Replo page. You can see final result with demo products and landing on this page.

Install Storista app from Shopify App Store

Here is a link to app

Connect Instagram account and create new widget with Reels

It will take some time to import all the content.

Add products to videos

Click on "Add product" button
Type product name to search, when click on it and click on "Add product" button

Add products on each Reel.

Open Replo and select landing page

Open Components library and add Container component

Drag container inside editor on desired place.

Change spacing settings with left/right padding to 50px and top/bottom padding to 24px.

Find "Liquid" component and add it inside Container component

On the right sidebar click on "Config" tab and open "Code Editor"

Open Storists dashboard and find your widget

Click on "Get embed code" button.

Select "Liquid code" card in modal window.

Copy Liquid code with widget and paste it in Replo Liquid editor window. When Save code.

Thats it! Now publish Replo page and check results.

You should see Reels carousel with attached products. When customer clicks on Reel he can select variants and add to card.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach me via chat or write email to

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